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dried leaves crack under our steps.
we cross fields, leaving rubber footprints
in squelching earth.

summer has reached autumnal glory
and you are surrounded by a scorching haze
auburn, ochre – gold.
you become a story told beneath firedust:
the skies spill emeralds.

knitted scarves and woollen hats.
i drink hot chocolate, rejoicing that
beside you
i have never been cold.
Cross-posting a piece I wrote last week. I'm trying to get back into the groove of things, ack.
DIF-adopts is holding a contest to name two characters!
3 deviants said Lemme bust out the baby names book!

Hello everyone~!

I’m opening up writing commissions to try and get RawEm0tion back to Super Group status.
  Prices range from 300 to 650 deviantART points and full details (along with examples) are listed below:

poetry – 20 lines – 200 points invert colours till the night sky
becomes a white page; connect dots —
the stars are black pepper spots
that do not spell your name.
and i sought you in every place where
i knew you would not be.
stand close to me: let me breathe in
the hue of your eyes
and the shape of your smile.
i long to feel something tangible,
an ache within my bones.
my heart is shallow, though deep waters
surge about my ankles.
(example: 13 lines

poetry – 40 lines – 400 points
You+Ii hear the songbirds rush
and move waters from sand
(breathe if you can)
all i ever looked for was your hand
i want to meet you
i need to meet you now
where shadows combine
and lead a dance in your eyes
(breathe if you can)
all i ever longed for was your hand
i need to meet you
i want to meet you now
i sought you
within a dream
your smile stopped
my heartbeats
beyond a prince and romeo
you are still my hero
(don't try to hide)
all i ever searched for was your pride
you know i love you
i hope you love me
you and i
we drew our fortune when we stood and found
(there are hopes and there are stars in the skies)
do you see
that you have healed the most broken part of me
(do you know that you have changed my destiny?)
no fears
no lies
let it all fade away...
(example: 33 lines

vignette – 250 words – 350 points
CardigansWhen the world slowly rolled towards evening, I leant over the balcony railings and watched her stand in the communal garden, flat face uplifted, eyes closed as she basked in the sun’s last warmth.  It could have been like the sinking star in storybooks – a brash vermillion – but it was always golden.  Once my mother heard of my disappointment, she scoffed,
“Life is rarely like a storybook.”
Those words did not leave me.  In autumn, it brought me no delight to look for squirrels carrying fruit.  In winter, I did not waste my time with searching for identical snowflakes.  And in spring, which was the heaviest with folklore, there was no hunt for fairies.
Summer arrived.  My mother returned to her old pastime.  She stood outside, pale hands clutching her thighs.  Her cardigan sleeves had frayed.  The hem of her skirt swept the concrete floor.
It finally occurred that her words had been a warning.  She
(example: 173 words

vignette – 500 words – 650 points
SquaresMy best friend is an artist.  Every so often, I hate him.
Like yesterday, for example.  We were in the living room attacking this stupid English coursework.  The TV was on for background noise; we decided it was best to stick to a dull channel, one that wouldn't distract.  So: BBC One.  They were playing some boring panel show, so the two of us got on okay, just worked and worked.  Then the episode finished, and – great.  They were evaluating modern art.  
When Ulysses drops his pen, take cover.  I grabbed the remote, planning to switch to ITV – but he growled, "Leave it."
And I had to leave it, even though it was my living room.
"Don't zone out," I warned.  "I'm not proofreading your essay if you zone out."
"Shut up," he said, staring at the screen.  Some bald guy was strolling around in an art museum, gesturing too much.  Behind his shiny head was a
(example: 441 words

short story – 250 words – 350 points
hybridHe says: "The world is broken in two."
The horizon makes his words believable.  A straight line separating land from sky, dividing what could have been whole.  Infinite.  "Elaborate," I probe.  His theories fascinate me.
"Heads and tails," from his pocket he draws a coin, illustrative – it spins, and lands in outstretched fingers.  "Life and death.  Good and evil."
"Salt and pepper."  I can relate.  "Cheese and crackers."
"Don't mock me."  
It's so hard not to, when his face creases into those folds of melodrama, determined that this planet has no future.  He would have been superb on the stage.  Inevitably, I sit up, drawing closer to him.  
"Husband and wife."  
He suffocates the smile, but I know I've won.  Still.  Victory deserves to be cemented.
"As it is," I continue, closing my eyes, "you look at existence as broken in two."
(example: 205 words

short story – 500 words – 650 points
Divided, We StandOBVIOUSLY.  Everyone knows that if you run down from the top of a steep hill, you're more than likely to trip up somewhere along the way.
What the others haven't worked out yet is this: we don't care.
Hills were made for climbing, scaling, overcoming... whatever grand verb you want to use to make it sound like you're beating some huge kind of obstacle.  It doesn't matter that the hill has nothing to do with people's troubles – it's just a mass of land, after all.  At least, I guess so.  
But maybe I'm not making sense, and should just give up while I'm ahead.
No way!  No waaaay.  I came here to make a point, and I'm determined to make it and then be on my merry way.  I have things I need to be doing, you know.  Homework.  The dishes.  And there's a lame book I was supposed to read for English... but I'm pretty confident that no one else will have read it.
Saturday afternoon, I was a
(example: 387 words

A heads up that short stories have a plot – i.e. an element of change – while vignettes do not.
  Line numbers and word counts are maximums.

There are a couple of things to note:

-- I’m only writing original work, i.e., no fanfiction.
  I’ll happily write scenes pertaining to a deviant’s OCs provided that said OCs belong to their own universe.

-- No mature content.
  I’m basically going with deviantART’s community guidelines on this.

I’ll aim to complete commissions within 2-3 weeks.
  Payment will be required before any writing gets completed – you can use the donation pool on my page to make a payment.  Please make sure that your slot has been confirmed before making a payment.

Well, there are five slots open right now!
  Shoot me a note if you’re interested, yes?


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Hey there you beautiful, perfect write you! :heart: I've missed you and your work so, so much in my long absence~ you really help inspire me in my writing, so I'm looking forward to the continuation of that trend! I hope that you've been doing great! Anything big happen? :D Love ya! :tighthug:
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kittykittyhunter~! I'm Sumi aka love-is-madness from tumblr. You answered my question one time about tenipuri friendship fics... remember me? haha anyway, your poetry and your tenipuri fics are amazinggg :D I'm so impressed!
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